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Egoza • Barbed Wire, Fences and Barriers

Egoza Barbed Wire Manufacturer

On the page of the Egoza website you can see the presentation of Caiman Production Group LLC on the video:

Caiman Production Group was founded in 1994 and is still operating in the perimeter security engineering market.

The company specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of integrated security systems using: fences made of welded panels "Caiman", barbed wire and concertina barriers "Egoza", razor wire and security barriers "Egoza Caiman", "Egoza Super", "Egoza Standard", razor wire “Concertina”, razor mesh “Piranha”.

The razor wire manufacturer, whose main activity is the production of Egoza, can also offer installation and qualified maintenance of video surveillance, alarm, access control systems. All products are certified in Ukraine.

Caiman is currently one of the most recognizable domestic Ukrainian brands under which engineering perimeter protection equipment is produced. The Caiman Production Group defends its competitiveness through the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

As a manufacturer and supplier of perimeter protection products, presented to consumers under the Trademarks: Caiman, Egoza, Concertina, Piranha, the company can offer its customers a full range of works to create a highly effective security system for any object.

The Caiman Production Group is constantly improving the technology for the production of Egoza fences, Egoza razor wire, introducing new types of barbed wire into the assortment, improving the efficiency and quality of Egoza razor wire and security barriers of concertina and flat type, achieving a reduction in the cost of barbed wire, Egoza razor due to automation of the production process, bulk purchases of raw materials for production, methods of inexpensive transportation directly to the consumer.

With Us It is Reliable, Fast and Convenient!

You can trust us with everything related to perimeter security systems. The benefits of partnering with Caiman, a manufacturer of engineered perimeter security systems, are clear - you can save money and get better results and customized solutions to effectively protect your perimeter. Call by phone +380 98 372-32-00. We will help with the right choice of the concertina wire barrier and perimeter security systems and we will install it!

Engineering Means for the Protection of the Perimeter

Fences, Egoza barriers, barbed wire, razor wire, razor mesh, concertina wire, video surveillance, alarms, access control and other security systems, sale, service, turnkey design and installation. Would you like Caiman's experienced professionals to find the right solution for you, given your maximum protection requirements or limited budget? Contact us! Our professionals will provide you with detailed and reliable information.

Free Shipping to Any Region of Ukraine

Barbed wire, fences made of razor wire, Egoza flat and concertina wire barriers, Egoza-Super razor wire barriers for perimeter protection, Piranha razor mesh made by Caiman are delivered anywhere in Ukraine for free. Do you want to order? Then call - +380 50 66-50-50-3.

Our Products are Certified

The legality of the transaction with Caiman PG LLC is guaranteed. Our company sells only certified in Ukraine products of its own production from domestic raw materials and materials. Caiman uses the Egoza trademark in accordance with the obtained license. Our company is a tax payer on a general basis. We have no debts to the budget and other organizations.

Razor wire and Concertina wire manufacturer Caiman - a high degree of perimeter protection at the lowest price!