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Video Surveillance and Alarm Systems

Video surveillance and alarm systems

Video surveillance and alarm systems are an integral part in the organization of the protection of objects.
Whether it is a private house or an apartment, a hotel or a restaurant, production workshops, large industrial enterprises, we will treat the tasks you set with equal responsibility. Based on the characteristics of the object, we will select not only the necessary equipment, but also offer various solutions.

Security alarms are used to protect premises, open areas, perimeters.

An alarm system installed along the perimeter of the protected area, the so-called technical perimeter protection system, generates an alarm when an unauthorized entry is attempted through the protection line. If you need to exclude or regulate the movement of persons in an open area, then it can easily cope with this task. Proper selection of sensors (according to the principle of operation, method of detection, features of signal transmission and processing) and a competent choice of their location will virtually eliminate cases of non-detection and false positives.

In principle, equipment with a video surveillance system is capable of solving the same problems as a burglar alarm. But the fact of detecting an intruder will depend on the operator, i.e., the human factor must be taken into account, therefore, in order to create effective perimeter protection, it is advisable to additionally use physical obstacles - such as Egoza razor wire fences - which, in combination with video surveillance and alarm systems, effectively solve the task.

Integrating alarms and video surveillance into a single security system will allow you to solve the assigned security tasks more efficiently and quickly, providing full control over the events.

Video surveillance is used not only for security functions. At many enterprises, it is an indispensable assistant in the management of technological processes, in the rapid resolution of emergency situations that have arisen. This undoubtedly leads to an increase in labor productivity, improvement of working conditions and its quality.
If you need to create a comprehensive perimeter security, see the types of Egoza razor wire on the Egoza concertina wire TU U 25.9-21804553-001:2020 page.