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Piranha Razor Mesh

Piranha razor mesh

Piranha razor mesh is made from Egoza or Concertina razor wire TU U 25.9-21804553-001:2020. Represents a cloth from a grid in the form of rhombuses of various sizes fastened among themselves by clips from a galvanized leaf.

The flat barrier Piranha or, as it is called, Acacia - is designed to effectively protect the perimeter of various civilian or military facilities from access by unwanted persons.

Piranha razor mesh is mounted on racks made of square or round pipes. The minimum height of the fence is 0.5 meters and can reach 6 meters. In the standard version, the razor mesh has a height of 2.2 meters with a cell of 270 × 270 mm, in one roll 10 linear meters or a height of 2.05 meters with a cell of 110 × 110 mm, in one roll of 6 linear meters. The Piranha razor mesh can be produced with cards of the desired size, on order.

The flat Piranha razor mesh is an alternative to a conventional chain-link fence, the protective properties of which are much lower than those of Piranha wire, since for the production of the Piranha air defense system, only high-carbon wire EN 50189 or EN 50189 is used, which is problematic to bite with ordinary tools. In addition, an attempt by an intruder to climb over the Piranha mesh will definitely fail due to the presence of sharp razor blades on the fence.

Piranha razor mesh can also be installed on fences and railings to increase their height, or mounted on the fence as an additional protective visor.

You can find out what types of Piranha razor mesh is made from on the Egoza razor wire TU U 25.9-21804553-001:2020 page.