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Price List for Razor Wire & Concertina Wire Barriers

Price List for Razor Wire and Concertina Wire

Our price list contains prices for razor wire and security barriers made of razor wire, which differ in the degree of efficiency, service life at the facility, and the aesthetic appearance of the fence.

Barriers of arbitrary execution of the Gyurza type have a low price and are designed to protect the perimeter that does not require a high degree of protection or is used as a temporary barrier.

Certified barriers Concertina wire and Egoza wire are manufactured in accordance with TU U 25.9-21804553-001:2020 and have a higher price of barbed wire, because the production uses higher quality materials that have a higher price.

The price of the Concertina razor wire is optimal and corresponds to the quality of the manufactured Concertina wire barriers. For the installation of concertina wire barriers, we recommend using spirals with a diameter of no more than 600 mm, and if necessary, use Egoza razor wire, the price of which is higher due to the large consumption of wire and barbed tape.

It is recommended to use Egoza-Standard for coil diameters of 500-700 mm, Egoza Standard+ is suitable for coil diameters of 600-800, Egoza-Caiman is more expedient for coil diameters from 700 to 950, and Egoza-Super barbed wire is more efficient for spiral barriers with a diameter of 900 mm or more. When installing spirals without a fence on the ground with diameters of 1500-2000 mm, the wire core must be 3.8-4.5 mm in diameter.

You should also pay special attention to the number of clips that secure the connection of the turns of the concertina wire barrier. The larger the diameter of the coil, the more staples will be required to produce a more effective fence, where the price of Egoza or Concertina wire also increases accordingly. With the requirements of an aesthetic appearance of the barrier and extension of its service life, the number of clips should be maximum, because concertina wire barriers become unusable primarily not due to metal corrosion, but from deformation due to the missing number of clips on the concertina wire barrier. The degree of zinc coating of certified barriers manufactured by Caiman is quite high and corresponds to the degree of zinc coating of the 1st or 2nd class.

Concertina wire barriers on three clips, including Concertina wire and Egoza wire, are also budget options with a lower price per linear meter and it is impossible to create effective barriers using concertina coils with a three-bar mounting option.

If you need additional recommendations for choosing barriers, you can contact a specialist developer or call the manager of our company.