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Caiman Fences and Barriers

 Fences and barriers Caiman, wire and razor wire fences

Fences from welded panels are made from galvanized wire with diameters of 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm. After completion of welding work on the manufacture of the fence section, the panel is coated with polymer powder paint or hot zinc. Posts for mounting fences are made of profile pipe 40×60. If you need further installation of Egoza razor wire on the fence, you can order a pole with a bracket for installation of Egoza or Concertina wire barrier. Recommended concertina wire barriers for installation on a sectional fence made of welded panels are Concertina 500/5 or Egoza 500/5.

The width of the fence section is standard - 2480 mm, and the height is from 630 mm to 2430 mm.
Sectional type fences made of Caiman welded panels are strong enough, have an aesthetic appearance, are easy to install, and surpass many types of fences and barriers in their durability.

The price of fences made of rod or wire depends on the diameter of the wire and the type of protective layer against corrosion. Fences coated with polymer paint have a lower price compared to fences and fences protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing.

Caiman fences and fences are used for fencing cottages, dachas, country houses, for fencing highways and dividing car lanes of oncoming traffic, fencing sports grounds and stadiums, fencing car dealerships, parking lots, gas stations, fencing industrial enterprises, fencing warehouses, food markets and markets industrial goods, fencing of recreation areas, boarding houses, park areas, fencing of administrative buildings and territories.

All Caiman fencing and fences are sold with a warranty on products and fence installation.