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Concertina Wire Barrier "Egoza-Super"

Concertina Wire Barrier "Egoza-Super"

Egoza-Super concertina wire barriers are the most effective means. Currently Egoza-Super is the most reliable concertina wire security barrier used to protect areas and facilities that require the highest level of security.

The Egoza-Super concertina wire security barrier is manufactured in compliance with the requirements of TU U 25.9-21804553-001:2020 from ready-made reinforced barbed tape. Coils of Egoza-Super razor wire are wound onto a drum and connected in pairs with reinforced clips made by stamping from galvanized sheet. The used diameter of the wire core of the Egoza-Super wire is within 3.8–4 mm, which prevents it from being bitten by ordinary wire cutters and makes it possible to manufacture concertina wire of large diameters.

Razor wire in the Egoza-Super spiral is manufactured with coil diameters from 950 to 2000 mm, which allows it to be used both as reinforced barriers on fences and without a fence with installation on the ground. Egoza-Super concertina wire barriers is made by five-, seven-, nine-staple method of fastening the coils to each other.

What affects the number of connections of turns of the Egoza concertina wire? Two Egoza-Super coils of the same number of turns (for example, 100 turns) and with the same coil diameter (for example, 1500 mm) will have approximately the same price of razor wire in a spiral per coil and a different price of Egoza fencing per linear meter due to the number of connections turns at equidistant points along the circumference. The maximum installation length of the Egoza-Super 1500/7 coil will be 27 meters, and the Egoza-Super 1500/9 will be only 21 meters, but the quality characteristics, namely the degree of reliability, service life, aesthetic appearance of the coil with nine clips will be much higher.

In order for barbed wire to last for a maximum period, installation should not be carried out taking into account the maximum stretching of the coil, but installation should be carried out to the installation length recommended by the manufacturer. The same must be considered when using Egoza standard concertina wire security barriers.